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Joys of Cow Based Farming

Indian agriculture has variety. There is no farm-product that we don’t cultivate. Our land grows all kinds of grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, cotton and silk.

About 70% of our population has embraced agriculture as profession. Majority of them are small farmers, owning one or two acres of land.

Our agricultural landscape is diverse and vivid – in land topology, soil type and quality, irrigation method and frequency of harvesting.

Cattle are integral part of this huge canvas of agriculture. We use oxen to plough, to pick and move harvested crops, in irrigation, cow manure as fertiliser, and cow urine as insecticide.

Unique Role of Cow in Agriculture :

Cow Based Agriculture

  • In our country with small holdings and small scale farming, there is no better alternative to employing cattle in farming.
  • While ploughing, the oxen stride with gentle gait, not harming the surface of the earth, unlike tractors.
  • Even as they plough the land, the oxen defecate and urinate, fertilising the land.
  • Cattle Manure : organic manure, green leaf manure, earth-worms, and slurry manure with cattle manure bond with the nature and make the land fertile. They do not create the challenge of chemical waste.
  • 99% of the insects in nature are beneficial to the system. Insecticides prepared from cow urine or well fermented butter milk do not affect these helpful insects.
  • Dung from one cow is adequate to fertilise 5 acres of land and its urine is can protect 10 acres of crop from insects.
  • As per the Supreme Court, cow dung produced by one oxen can support a family for 4 years.
  • Oxen do not pollute the atmosphere.

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  • Naresh MAkwana

    Yes, Rightly said Goumata is very useful to humans.In terms of Milk (buttermilk,butter,Ghee used for eye)ghee ,Cow urine as gorowth promoter,Insecticide, pesticides,used for aurvedic medicines ,cow dung as fertilizers, in making of bricks,10gms of cow dung cakes if used in homa(yagna)purifies 1 ton of oxygen from atmosphere( it is actually performed by many farmers on the farm.from only one cow farmer can do 25 acres land farming without in much input from outside.


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