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  • Kankrej


    Home Tract : Katch of Gujarath, Jodhpur of Rajastan. Type : Dual, heavy breed, one of the oldest breed of India. Charecters Colour : Grey or stee black. Males- hind […]

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  • Kasaragod


    Home Tract : Kasargod districts of Kerala. Type : Draught. Very small in size but good resistance power is seen.Most of the time letout for grazing, requires very little food. […]

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  • Khilari


    Home Tract : Bijapur districts of Karnataka and Solapur of Maharastra.. Type : Draught. Known for its draught endurance. Charecters Colour : Greyish white, Males- fore and hind quarters are […]

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  • Krishna


    Home Tract : Watershed areas of Krishna river of Karnataka.. Type : Draught breed. This is evolved from Gir, Ongole, Kankrej, Hallikar breeds. Charecters Colour : Grey, white, brown, black […]

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  • Malavi


    Home Tract : Malva area of Madhya Pradesh and jhaslwar districts of Rajasthan. Type : Draught Charecters Colour : White Males: Grey dark in neck, shoulders, hump quarters. Head: Short, […]

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  • Malenadu Gidda

    Malenadu Gidda

    Home Tract : Malenadu areas (costal hilly area) of Karnataka ( Mangalore, Karnataka. Kumata) Type : Draught breed. Very small in size. Highly resistance to most diseases, takes little food […]

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  • Nimari


    Home Tract : Nimar tract of Narmada valley in Madhya Pradesh Type : Draughts Breed originated from Gir and Khillari. Charecters Colour : Red with large patches of white. Horns: […]

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  • Ongole


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  • Rathi


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  • Sahiwal


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