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  • Amrith Mahal

    Amrith Mahal

    Home Tract: Hassan, Chikamagalur and Chitradurga districst of Karnataka Type: Draught, known for its power and endurance. Developed by rulers of Mysore states between 1572 and 1632 AD. mainly for […]

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  • Baragur


    Home Tract: Baragur hills of Erode of Tamilnadu. Type: Draught medium size. Unsurpassed in speed and endurance in trotting. For most part of the year cattle’s remains in forest. Charecters […]

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  • Dangi


    Home Tract: Nasik and Ahamadnagar districts of Maharastra, called Dangs Ghats Type: Draught, Medium to heavy size. Known for Excellent working qualities in heavy rainfall areas. Charecters Colour: White with […]

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  • Deoni


    Home Tract : Marathwada region of Maharastra, Bidar district of Karnataka Type : Duals Originated from Gir breed about 500 years back. Male claves are nursed better. Claves are not […]

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  • Gaoloa


    Home Tract :Wardha districts of Maharastra, Southeren Madhya Pradesh. Type : Dual, medium size. In 18th Century Marathas developes this for quick transportation in army. Charecters Skin : White or […]

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  • Gir


    Home Tract : Gir hills of Gujarath. Type : Milch breed Known for its tolerence to stress condition. Exported to USA, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela. Best milking breed of India. Charecters […]

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  • Hallikar


    Home Tract : Mysore, Mandya, Bangalore, Kolar and Tumkur, Hassana, Chitradurga districts of Karnataka. Type : Draught, best draught breed of southern India. Medium sized, compact and muscular. Most of […]

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  • Hariana


    Home Tract : Rohtak, Gurgoan, Hisar districts of Haryana. Type : Dual medium size. Greater attention is paid to rearing of male calves. Charecters Colour : White or light Gray. […]

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  • Jawari


    Home Tract : Hubli, Bijapur areas of Karnataka. Type : Draught breed. Small size, good draught purpose breed. highly resistant to many diseases and extream climate conditions. Charecters Skin :Different […]

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  • Kangayam


    Home Tract : Erode, Dindagal and Coimbatore districts of Tamilnadu. Type : Draught medium size. Charecters Colour : Grey and white. Bulls: Dark colour in hump, fore and hind quarters […]

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