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Role of Cow

  • Economy


    Cow’s Role in Economy 70% of our people depend on agriculture. 98% of them depend on cattle based agriculture. India produces more milk than all other countries. Goods carried by […]

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  • Emotional


    Mother Kindness

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  • Religious Rituals

    Religious Rituals

    Cow in Religious Rituals Our culture has retained a strong relationship between cows and temples. Gou Tulabhara Cow is accepted as divine. Day dawns with worship of cow. Worship and […]

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  • Battlefield

    Role of Cow in the Battlefield Apart from responding to our daily needs, cows have fought for us in battlefields! Recorded Battles : When Hyder Ali was ruling the Mysore […]

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  • Industry


    Cow in Industry Milk and milk products from cow are used in preparing wholesome dishes and food products. Cow products are effective in treatment for cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, […]

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  • Medicine


    Cow Products as Medicine World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as a combination of physical, mental, spiritual and social wholeness. WHO has also predicted that bacteria will become immune to […]

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  • Food

    Food from Cow : from the start to end of a meal A mother nursing her infant depends on cow’s milk for her own nourishment. A mother feeds her child […]

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  • Transportation


    Cattle in Transportation India has more than 6,00,000 villages, many which do not have asphalted motorable roads. In hilly regions where even a horse cannot tread, oxen can pull their […]

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  • Agriculture


    Joys of Cow Based Farming Indian agriculture has variety. There is no farm-product that we don’t cultivate. Our land grows all kinds of grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, cotton and […]

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  • Environmental

    Environment and Cow Being part of farming, food, medicine, and industry, cow also contributes to the health of environment. Ancient scripture state that “Suryaketu” nerve on cow’s back absorbs harmful […]

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