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Religious Status

  • Sikhism


    Cow protection in Sikhism Guru Govind Singh, the 10th Guru, told Pandit Prithwiraj that Khalsa sect was established to care for the economy, right behaviour, cows, Brahmins, and protection of the […]

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  • Budhism


    Cow protection in Budhism  Gautama Budha preached about the utility and importance of cows. He advocated against cow slaughter and gave great importance to cow rearing. यथा माता सिता भ्राता […]

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  • Abode All Gods

    Abode All Gods

    Cow, the abode of all the Gods Every atom in cow’s body is abode of the 33 crore Gods. All the 14 mythical worlds exist in the limbs of cow. […]

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  • Jainism


    Cow protection in Jainism Jain religion’s mainstay is non-violence. Hence, they do not harm cow or any other animal or bird. When Jainism flourished, they were active in cow protection. […]

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  • Hindu Religion

    Hindu Religion

    Even the gods pray to the cow. She contains the divinity of all the Gods. A pious day starts with her worship. She has prominence in various religious festivals. Sankranti […]

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