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Ambaa Kannada Short Film

A mother for the child gives milk for a maximum of one year but the rest of the life ‘Milk’ comes from the cow. Considered as ‘Kamadhenu’ in our culture, such a cow is slaughtered and consumed as meat. Although there is strong opposition to killing of cows the attempts are made to bring awareness on importance of cow. Recently we had the film ‘Shankara Punyakoti’ and now producer of Kannada cinema ‘Auto’ a social servant owner of ‘Maruthi Medicals’ Mahendra Munoth has produced this short film ‘Ambaa’ on the significance of cow.

It is a short and sweet narration on cow protection and humble appeal a youngster makes to slaughter house people is touching to the heart in ‘Ambaa’. This is the debut direction of short film by Swathi and Shakthi. A young boy in this short film grows up from cow milk as his mother dies soon after delivery. A cow becomes very important in the growth of a boy. When such a cow is smuggled for the sake of meat by disgruntled elements it becomes a bitter experience for the youngster. How he appeals and makes the stony heart to melt down is the climax of this short film ‘Ambaa’.


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